New Here?

Welcome to our new online store! We have so many customers at the Freshmarket who love the freshness and quality of our produce but are unable to get to our store in Gate Pa as often as they would like.

"Can we buy our fruit and veg online?" they asked.fruitandveg3.jpg

Well, now the answer is; "Yes, you can!."

The first step is to create an account - that way, when you log into that account in the future you will be able to track your order, see what you have ordered previously and save your delivery details.

Once you have done that you can start shopping! Our home page will always feature our Daily Specials and what is great for eating right now. Simply add your required quantities to your shopping cart and follow through the check-out procedure. Our Shopping Guide will give you tips on how to select what is just right for you and you will find details here on where and how we deliver but if you have any questions please contact us at anytime.

Please also check our Privacy and Security Policy so you know how seriously we take this aspect of our business.