Tomatoes - NZ - Truss - per kg

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  • Tomatoes - NZ - Truss - per kg


1kg is approximately 8 - 10 tomatoes.

election: Select colour according to proposed storing time, should be firm and clear skinned.

Preparation: Pluck from truss keeping calyx attached if roasting whole, wash.

Good for You: Contains Vitamins A, C & E; lycopene – a power anti-oxidant, potassium and calcium

And Tastes So Good: Can be eaten raw, in salads, alone and dressed with herb dressing, sliced for sandwiches, slow roasted to intensify flavour – leave the calyx on for impressive good looks, fried, barbequed, Made into sauces, pesto, soups and chutneys, added to stews and casseroles.


Storage: Leave on truss and store at room temperature out of direct sunlight.

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