Potatoes - Agria (Mixed Grade) - 10kg

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  • Potatoes - Agria (Mixed Grade) - 10kg


1kg is approximately 7 medium potatoes.

Selection: Potatoes should be dry and firm. Avoid if sprouted or green.

Preparation: Wash thoroughly and scrub or peel.

Good for You: These yellow potatoes have even more nutritional value, carbohydrate, fibre, lots of potassium, plus magnesium, folate, Vitamins B1, B6, niacin, phytonutrients and Vitamin C.

And Tastes So Good: A floury variety, it breaks up easily and is dry and delicate. This beautiful yellow fleshed potato can be roasted, chipped or boiled, with or without the skin. They mash well and look extra buttery.

Storage: Remove from plastic bag and store in cool, dry, dark drawer or cupboard.

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