Apples - Yummy NZ Rose 1.5kg Pre-Pack

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  • Apples - Yummy NZ Rose 1.5kg Pre-Pack


1kg is approximately 5 apples.

Selection: Fruit should be firm and shiny with no sign of bruising, These have a rich sweet flavour and are crisp and juicy.

Good for You:An apple a day keeps the doctor away” They contain fibre, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, and a little iron; Vitamins A, some B group including folate, and C.

Preparation: Wash and eat. Apples are the perfect snack.

And Taste so Good: Most can be used in cooking, pies and sauces; some will hold their shape better than others. Cut neatly with skin still on and combine with celery, walnuts and mayo for a tasty salad.

Storage: These store well.Can be kept in the fruit bowl or in the fridge according to your taste. Purchase regularly to keep yours at their freshest best.

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