Tamarillos - NZ

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  • Tamarillos - NZ


Seclection: Should be red or golden with smooth skin and yellowing stalk.

Preparation: Can be blanched to remove papery skin when cooled, peeled, or halved to scoop out pulp.

Good for You: Low in fat, carbs and sodium, high in potassium and fibre; has trace elements particularly copper and manganese; provides Vitamins A, B6 and C, E and thiamine.

And Tastes so Good: Can be used as a vegetable but mostly we use as a fruit. Raw and sliced on sandwiches or pav, stewed and cooled with icecream, or with custards, in pies or muffins.

Storage: Season is limited to early Autumn. Can be kept in fruit bowl or fridge. Very decorative.

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